Grocery List Sponsor Roll Call Decal Bundle

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Funny grocery getter sponsorship “roll call” decal bundle. Order includes all 7 decals shown in the color of your choosing. Decals cut separately allowing you the freedom to rearrange how you’d like!

Each decal measures 8” wide. Depth may vary.

All vinyl is made with permanent outdoor rated vinyl, meant for an outdoor/waterproof durability of 5+ years.

These decals are made of quality adhesive vinyl. However, vinyl is a plastic and is not indestructible. It is highly advised to avoid automatic car washes to prevent chipping or peeling your decals as the high pressure and brushes can damage the vinyl, especially vinyls with foil/holographic finishes. When it is time for a wash, it is highly suggested to opt for a “Touchless” wash, or carefully hand wash.

Need a larger quantity? Reach out to me directly for a BULK DISCOUNT! Great for car clubs and other large groups!

Looking for a more specific size? Message me! :)

All vinyl is gloss finish unless noted otherwise.

Instructions for Decal Application:
-clean desired surface with glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol and a clean towel
-rub front and back of decal using a flat scraper to prevent lifting
-slowly remove paper backing, leaving the decal on the clear transfer tape
-carefully apply to surface
-use card/scraper to rub the decal onto the surface
-slowly peel away the transfer tape pulling to the side, NOT up.

How To Fix Bubbles:
Any bubbles that can’t be scraped out, use a small pin to poke a tiny hole to release trapped air. Smooth out. A hair dryer may also help any areas that aren’t laid quite as flat.